About Us Records 

MEDIUM Business

MusicPartner MEDIUM Business is for those who want to reduce there own contribution with professionally created music channels. You get a personal contact at start up with a music specialist where you go through the music selectionand music planning based on your industry. You also get access to the schedule music channels customized to your customers. The right music at the right time. Music channels are updated so that they always feel fresh.

Custom channel for your branch
Access to a music specialist when planning your music
Daily Music updates
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LARGE Enterprise

Music Partner LARGE Enterprise is a trademark custom music channel for those who want a friendly and unique sound. The background music tailored to your company's brand and impression. It also focusing on improving the customer experience and positively impact the customer at time of purchase.

Unique brand custom music channel
Personal music coordinator

SMALL Business

Music Partner Small Business is for those who want to do more for yourself, but want help with music selection and updating playlists. Here you get access to a web-based music selectionguide that gives suggestions on the music that meets your specific needs. The music is continuously updated so you and your customers never have time to get tired of the music. Legal music for your business. Very simple! Very smooth!