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Attract new guests with fun quizzes

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Complete professional quiz solution

Maintain your guests with fun quiz created by experienced quizmasters. You get lots of music videos, animations and competition moments that create a successful quiz night. Any quiz can be branded with your logo!

Quiz is a well-proven way to attract guests to your venue, restaurant or bar - and to create profitability for a normal everyday evening! All you need is a computer that connects to your large-screen displays. When you get Quiz OnLine you also get a marketing package with pictures and videos that makes it easy to market your event on your website and Facebook or Instagram.

Product QuizOnLine Restaurant Enviroment

Thanks to our long-standing relationships with the record industry, we as the first company in Europe that can offer legally licensed music video quizzes. We are constantly refilling with new material, so there is always new fresh quiz to run

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Choose from several different quiz types

Classic music quiz - enhanced with music videos, effects and animated graphics.
Create your own "Game Show" with the Buzzer Quiz.
A fun family quiz where children and adults compete against each other.
Specially made premium quiz for your next business event.

Easy to get started

Quiz OnLine is easy to use and requires only a minimal investment to get started.

Everything is included *: Quiz, Remote mobile App, Answers, Answer tags, Instructions / Training and Marketing material is available on the MusicPartner portal.

QuizOnLine Dinner
Get started fast!
QuizOnLine Answernote
Stylish answernotes!
QuizOnLine Visuals
The quiz graphic makes it easy to keep up with the quiz!
QuizOnLine Buzzer Hand
Add physical buzzers and create your own Game Show.


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* Microphone, audio system and other hardware not included. Please ask us for recommendations on affordable equipment that we know work well!

You get this

Package solution with complete quiz, answernotes, answer tags and marketing materials. Everything you need to get started quickly!
Quizmaster App
Quiz Remote App gives you full control of the quiz!
Quiz manual, best tips for a successful quiz and personal support!

Easy to market

As a Quiz OnLine customer, you get access to ready-made marketing materials such as movies, banners, pictures etc. Everything so that you can quickly and easily get started and create interest for customers to visit your venue.

Here you can see an example of a movie for Facebook that we made for O'Learys.

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