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The right music influences, no matter what type of business you have. Furniture, lighting and a smile at the right time gives the customer the impression that often lasts. The customer is at a given moment is part of the whole. To meet the customer with the right atmosphere morning, noon and night requires time, commitment and knowledge. We give you the backgroundmusic that really works every day!

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Reference Choice Hotels Robert Wilhelmsson
Hotels in Clarion Collection all have their own history which is reflected in the furnishings and details. The music must therefore connect the guest's impression of the history and the modern standard we stand for. Our musical concept is made up of timeless singer / songwriter artists with personal voices interspersed with modern Nordic Lounge, without drums for breakfast with the pleasant pace to check in the afternoon.
The system is reliable and provides a lovely setting for both guests and staff.
Robert Wilhelmsson, operations director, Clarion Collection

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