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O’Learys is an entertainment restaurant that wants to create the feeling of a second living room. O’Learys is founded in 1988 by Jonas Reinholdsson and has a well-known concept and brand in Sweden. MusicPartner's QuizOnline has proven to work very well on the 10 O'Learys restaurants that have already tried the concept.
Referens Olearys

We have been running MusikVideoQuiz from MusicPartner at our restaurants since the beginning of the year and we are very pleased with the outcome. The quiz is a good complement to our existing range and is ideally suited as an activity in our premises. We see that it attracts new customer categories and gives increased traffic to our units at times with otherwise low sales. The quiz can also be offered as business activity or tournament, the possibilities are many.

The concept therefore feels long-term and strategically important to us! The investment required is minimal and the staff can manage the quiz themselves. During the spring, we have prepared a "manual" with recommendations on execution practices, personnel planning, prizes for the winners and more. which we like to share.

Louise Tigerholm, CEO Tigerholm Sportsbars